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What You Need to Know When Replacing a Roof

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Wouldn’t you agree that your roof is the most important part of your home? Well, atleast one of the most expensive to repair or replace. We’re talking about repairs starting at $2,500 to replacing estimates of $20,000, not sure about you, but I do not have that lying around anywhere. Hopefully this article helps with replacing your most expensive part of your home or business. So here goes…lakeland roofing

3 Things to know when it comes to replacing your Roof!

  1. Browse the Market – Meaning, get several quotes and speak with different roofing contractors. One mistake many home and business owners make is choosing their contractor based on price. Most of these cheaper companies are hiring cheaper workers, which may or may not be experienced, allowing them to come and bid lower than the more qualified companies. I would suggest getting references and referrals from neighbors, family, and friends, while looking at many reviews. Sources like BBB or Angie’s list are good places to start. Basically, you will need to be very careful when hiring your next contractor.
  1. Careful with the layers – If you’re replacing with asphalt shingles, installing a 3 layer on top of the two that you already have is a no-no! Yes, by doing this you think that you are saving time and money, but in the end, it can cause you a lot more money. The problem is, with all those layers on roof, the contractor can’t properly inspect the roof, therefor there could be damage to the decking and you don’t find out until there is thousands of dollars of damages. Do your due diligence prior to new install, and if tear off is required, PAY FOR IT!
  1. Don’t be cheap! – Since your roof is the biggest single part of your home, look for quality materials. Being cheap, will a lot of the time, get you into big trouble. When you put on that new roof, you do not want to have to address it again for years to come. Looking for higher warranty shingles, like a 50 year, would make the most sense to me. Not saying go overboard, but quality materials when it comes to your roofing, soffit, fascia and vents will take a lot of stresses away. Make the right decision.

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